You've Been Flamingoed!

Fundraising with Flamingos
is Easy (and Fun)!

Announce your upcoming Flamingo Fundraiser and have members get pre-orders from supporters to have one or more of their friends “flamingoed”.
Suggested Price to charge for “flocking”:
Small Flock (12 Flamingos) - $10
Medium Flock (24 Flamingos) - $15
Large Flock (36 Flamingos) - $20
Super Size Flock (60 Flamingos) - $30

Also, Sell Anti-Flocking Insurance to supporters so that they will not get “Flamingoed” for $10 extra.

Now, The Fun Begins . . .

In the dead of the night, your members place the flamingos in the yards of the friends that all of your supporters paid to have “Flamingoed”.
Each of the flocks will have a note explaining how a friend of theirs paid to have them “Flamingoed” in support of your fundraiser. Also, the note will let them know that if they pay your group a donation, you will remove the flock and send it to the yard of any friend that they choose.
This Fundraiser continues to feed on itself as the flamingos migrate from victim to victim.
Every single day, each flock that you have out will earn your group $10 to $30. At an average of $15 per flock, that is $450.00 in 30 days (per flock).
Most fundraising groups will order enough flamingos to have several flocks going at the same time.
Example of 10 Members doing 1 Flock each:
10 flocks x $15 per day per flock x 30 days = $4500.00 raised in one month!

Some people even use credit money (for example, if you are from Jackson, MS, then use this website to get a loan).

It’s EASY To Get Started . . .

1. Print Order Forms to Pass Out to Your Group Members:


2. Place An Order For Your Flamingos With Us.

3. Type an Explanation Note to travel with each flock
of flamingos you place in “victims” yards:

To see a SAMPLE Explanation Note, click here.

That’s It!
Told You This Was EASY!

Now, Get Ready for the Funnest & Funniest Fundraiser you’ve ever done!

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