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Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser

Habitat for Humanity Fundraising: Fort Madison chapter raised over $1000 with the use of plastic pink-feathered friends that were trained to create flamingo habitats for one full day in unsuspecting yards around the community.  Individuals had the opportunity to pay $50 to have a flock of 10 flamingos placed in another persons yard around 5 am until that evening.  Those who received the flamingos then sent them on to another persons yard.  All persons were given the opportunity to pay another $25 for flamingo insurance, so that the birds would not be used in retaliation.  Before and during the month of July we took orders for specific dates of when the recipients would be seeing the flamingos in the yard.  Source, B. Wright, Habitat for Humanity (Fort Madison, Iowa).

A 5th grade class in N.J hopes to do more than just raise a few bucks and have fun (both of which are already being accomplished!) - they also look forward to building relationships within the class, and between students and parents, as the flock travels around from one student home to another.  These flamingos will be particularly mobile - they’ll only stay for 24 hours before moving on, since they want to keep the whole “fun-raiser” to a 3-week time period.  In case you’re worried that you may blow money on flamingos and not be able to earn your money back, note that they made over $500 before their event officially began!
By Mary Donius Globe Correspondent / July 17, 2008
When Dianne Reilly looked out her window one day last week, she could have sworn there was a flock of flamingos in her Hingham front yard. She rubbed her eyes, did a double-take, and . . . they were still there. Reilly was one of the first to get "flocked." Flocking," as it has become known, is a fund-raising tool that accounts for the flamingos showing up on suburban lawns. Someone pays the club to place a flock of pink plastic flamingos on someone else's lawn. The phones in Hingham have been ringing off the hook and the checks pouring in. What began as a four-flock operation doubled to eight. "It's getting to the point where people are feeling left out if they haven't been flocked," said football parent Ken Murphy. Team parents Sheila and John Creahan lead the booster club for the 2008 season. Murphy hopes to raise more than $10,000 this way. "The response has been unbelievable," said Sheila Creahan. "People can't wait to get flocked."

Shannon is a Sunday school teacher at St. Luke's Lutheran Church.. This past fall she had the idea to raise money for Hurricane Katrina. After ordering flamingos, she notified her congregation the birds would randomly appear in their yards unless they paid "flamingo insurance" for $10. After that - the real fun started. Flamingos were placed in the yards of congregation members and were removed only when the members donated money to the fundraising event. The members were not required to donate a set sum, and Mammen said donations ranged from $5 to $50. The fun of the event, Mammen said, was that once members were "flamingoed," they could choose whose house would be next. The event raised $2,000.


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