Flamingo Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How big are these flamingos?
A. All of our flamingos stand approximately 2 feet tall.

Q. How hard is it to stick them in the yard?
A. Because the legs are a thin metal rod, it is very easy to stick them in the ground.

Q. How durable are the flamingos?
A. They are made from heavy duty plastic and the colors are molded into the plastic—very durable!

Q. What if we need to buy more flamingos during the course of our fundraiser?
A. We carry a huge inventory of flamingos. All orders for flamingos are shipped within 24 hours.

Q. After the fundraiser is over, what do we do with all of the flamingos?
A. You can either store them until you do another flamingo fundraiser or you can sell them to make extra money. Flamingos will easily sell for $20 a pair.

Q. How many flamingos should we buy for our fundraiser?
A. Have your members pre-sell “Flocking” orders for a week to 10 days. Based on what your pre-sells amounts to, we recommend that your order as few flamingos as possible (minimum buy is 24 Flamingos). If you find that you need more flamingos, you can always order more from us being as we will ship Flamingo orders within 24 hours (with FREE Shipping).

Q. How much money can our group make with this fundraiser?
A. As a rule, you can multiply whatever amount you make with your pre-sell orders by 4 to get the total amount of money your group will make.
Example of a group with 10 members:
Each member pre-sells just 5 “flocking” orders at an average of $15 per order.
That’s $75 per member x 10 members = $750 in pre-sells.
Multiply $750 x 4 = $3,000.00 Fundraiser!

Q. How are the orders Shipped?
A. We ship all order by UPS Ground.. You can expect to receive your flamingos within 2-6 business days. All orders are shipped within 24 hours except for weekends.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are anxious to help you have a great Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser!

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